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The AAA welcomes all organisations in the aviation industry as well as airports and aerodromes Australia wide - from the local country community landing strip to major international airports.

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Membership Fees

The current levels and rates* of AAA Corporate Membership as below. 

Bronze Membership includes 1 - 5 Staff  - $1,100.00

Silver Membership includes  6 - 30 Staff  - $1,800.00

Gold Membership includes 30 plus Staff -  $2,500.00

For more information regarding Corporate Membership or Airport Membership please email

* Please note that all rates outlined above are shown before GST is applied.

Membership Fee Calculations

When applying for membership, fee calculations will vary depending on the date of application. The following table provides details of the fee calculation formulas that will apply throughout a given year and provides examples using a sample company.
July-December January-March April-June
100% 50% Pro-Rata + 100%
Example: ABC Pty Ltd joins as a Gold Corporate Member (Annual Fee $2,500 Ex GST) in:
December 2016 March 2017 June 2017
Membership Fee x 100% Membership Fee x 50% Membership Fee x (1/12) + Membership Fee x 100%
$2,500 x 100% $2,500 x 50% ($2,500 x(1/12))+($2,500 x 100%)
Joining Fee: $2,500 Joining Fee: $1,250 Joining Fee: $2,708.33
Paid Up Until: 30 June 2017 Paid Up Until: 30 June 2017 Paid Up Until: 30 June 2018

Please note that these are only examples and membership fee calculations will vary depending on the timing of the application and on the category of membership. These calculations are also shown before GST is applied.

Should you require any further information regarding membership fees please email


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