The AAA maintains a comprehensive research program to ensure its policies are robust and provide a strong insight into the airport and aviation industry.

All research is conducted in partnership with the members of the AAA, delivering greater depth and practical insights into the content.

The AAA will often collaborate with leaders in the economic and aviation industries across Australia when conducting research.

Regional Airport Infrastructure Study (ACIL Allen) 

September 2016

The Australian Airports Association (AAA) commissioned ACIL Allen to conduct a study on the economic contribution of regional airports across Australia and analyse the economic challenges they face in operating and maintaining these airports.

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AAA Briefing Note

Airspace Protection

May 2016


Protection of airspace surrounding an airport is as critical to the maintenance safety and efficiency of an airport as the safe design and operation of on-ground infrastructure such as runways, taxiways, terminals and navigational aids.

This document focuses on highlighting the importance of airspace protection, as well as providing an overview of its core elements, legislative controls, key stakeholders and the development assessment process.

Improving Air Access

Liberalising air services agreements (Deloitte)

August 2015

International air transport services to and from Australia are vital for the Australian economy, particularly for tourism, trade and merchandise exports. An unconstrained air services sector also promotes social connectedness and facilitates travel between Australia and the world for non-tourism related activities such as education, medical and business purposes.

The AAA engaged Deloitte Access Economics to examine the potential economic impacts of liberalised Air Services Agreements (ASAs).

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AAA Airport Practice Note 5
Airport Safeguarding

November 2014

Airports are complex facilities and experience has shown that the town planning issues associated with protecting their ongoing operation are often not well understood by planning practitioners.

The purpose of this practice note is to raise awareness of airport safeguarding issues within the planning profession, and assist town planners and planning authorities in understanding airports and how to safeguard their ongoing operation.

Securing the future of Australia’s Metropolitan Airports
November 2014

Australia’s “Metro” Airports are the secondary airports located in Australia’s capital cities. They are not only significant centres of aviation activity in their own right, but are also a key to ensuring the future efficient operation of the primary airports in their cities.

At the same time, the Metro Airports confront an uneasy future and require sensitive and tailored consideration by Commonwealth, State and Local Governments if they are to achieve their great potential contribution to the future of Australian aviation and the Australian economy and community more generally.

Australia's Regional Airports: Facts, Myths and Challenges
November 2012

There are around 250 airports across Australia which receive Regular Passenger Services (RPT) and many more much smaller airfields and landing strips around the country, with reports of some 2000 across Australia.

There are over 2,000 landing sites for aircraft in Australia. While the majority of these are very small and private sites not generally available for public use, this paper identifies and discusses over 400 of the most significant civilian airports in Australia, with particular emphasis on regional airports - that is, those other than the principal capital city airports.

Connecting Australia: The Economic and Social Contribution of Australia's Airports (Deloitte)
May 2012

Australia's network of airports, across major urban centres and regional areas, form an integral part of the national economic infrastructure and are critical to connecting communities and enhancing broader economic performance.

This research below provides a detailed insight into Australia's $17.3 billion airport industry.



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